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The History of Henham Hall

Henham Hall – Future

The Rous Family has secured planning permission to build a new Henham Hall. The Waveney District Council has supported the proposal to build a hotel and apartment/leisure development. Stay tuned for more news.
Henham Hall

Henham Hall – Georgian

100 yards in front of Henham Hall 2 and designed by James Wyatt in 1790, Henham Hall 3 was an impressive building dominating the Park and reflected the grandeur and grace of its setting. The Hall was given a Victorian Gloss in 1858 by Edward Barry at instruction from Augusta Bonham, wife of the second earl. This Hall was sadly demolished in 1953 by the fourth Earl of Stradbroke, John Rous. One wall remains to this day and features a remarkable frieze depicting a native american fighting a bear.

Henham Hall – Tudor

Henham Hall 2 was an enormous Tudor building built in 1533 200 yards in front of Henham Hall 1. It was built by Sir Arthur Hopton of Blythburgh and purchased with the estate by the Rous family in 1544. This hall was flanked on two sides by the extensive walled garden and incorporate an impressive courtyard area. A drunken butlers midnight mishap with a candle started a fire which destroyed Henham Hall 2 in 1773 while its owner, the young Sixth Baronet is away on a Grand Tour of Venice.

Old Hall Henham Old Hall Henham Old Hall Henham

Henham Hall – Pre Tudor

The original Henham Hall was timber framed and had its own moatyard which exists in part to this day. Little is known about the construction or design of this building however archaelogical work is planned for 2006 which should answer many questions.