9.30am – 3.00pm      £50
What do you get for your ticket?
* 2 x 90min yoga workshops with the two most popular yoga teachers in Suffolk
* Enjoy a vibrant & healthy lunch from Radish & Rose
* Set or revise goals for your year ahead in the Goals & Vision workshop

30 places available. To book: email

Classes will take place in the heated yoga studio. Lunch will be in the heated, fairy lit Red Gallery










VINYASA YOGA: Wibbs Coulson Wibbs combines his anatomical knowledge from his former career as a nurse with a strong yoga practice. He is qualified to teach vinyasa, Ashtanga, yin and acro. You will be guaranteed to learn something new in his classes with concepts he communicates in an accessible and knowledgeable way.

HATHA YOGA:  Meg Ayton-Andrews Under the alias Equestrian Yogini, Meg has taken social media by storm and has a fresh approach to yoga teaching, taking her classes outdoors, on the beach and running pop ups at trendy cafés such as Honey+Harvey in Woodbridge. She teaches class from her own practice and you can tell her whole heart goes into ensuring you have the most transformative experience possible. She aims to connect breath and movement, focusing on how you feel & creating space in the body rather than what a pose is supposed to look like. Her gentle flow yoga is about learning how to come back to your inner self, releasing holding patterns that keep you from moving forward in life with each exhale.


VINYASA YOGA Wibbs will lead you through a dynamic, strong yoga practice with modifications offered. He will break down a selection of popular arm balances and inversions to help you advance and deepen your yoga practice. There will be advanced options for the experienced yogis amongst you and gentler poses suggested for those injured or new to yoga. You will be able to work at your own level but he will encourage you to break boundaries with his enthusiastic and competent instruction! The last 20min of class will focus on yin yoga, holding a small number of deep stretching poses to release your muscles.

HATHA YOGA The class will start with a brief meditation inviting you to come back to your body and breath. Meg’s flow will unfold, taking you on a continuously moving journey exploring ways in which to open your heart and hips. Discover where your tension lies and let her deep yoga flow unwind your tight body. Throughout the class she will gently encourage you to look inside your mind, incorporating mantras and positive affirmations. The last 1omin of class will be yoga nidra, also known as yogic sleep, a state of total relaxation and nirvana.

GOALS & VISIONS Sarah Rous will guide you through a short interactive workshop on how to find out what you truly want from life and manifest your dreams. We will take an analytical approach to the big scary question of what makes you happy, then break down your big goals into small steps. In this way positive change becomes achievable and accessible. Worksheets are provided to take away.

FOOD & DRINK A beautiful two course vegetarian lunch with a sweet treat afterwards will be provided by Radish + Rose. Imagine a warming and nourishing soup followed by a rainbow choice of salads, for example: quinoa, beetroot and halloumi with a tahini dressing. Herbal teas and lemon infused water will be available at all times.

Henham Barns postcode is NR34 8AQ. The entrance is directly off the A12 in between Southwold & Wangford turn offs. Drive down the avenue of lime trees and the Henham Barn complex will be on your right.

·    Bring your yoga mat, trainers, water bottle & a blanket
·    If you would like to borrow a yoga mat please reserve one as limited availability
·    Previous experience not required for any class. They will be accessible to all levels of fitness. Do take your own modifications if necessary (for example due to injury)
·    It is perfectly possible to attend part of the morning or to leave early
·    No children, dogs or other halves please!
·    You are welcome to consume your own snacks. No food or beverage is guaranteed nut/dairy/gluten free
·    All participants understand they are partaking in exercise & consumables at their own risk

SATURDAY 21st April 2018
Booking will open 1st March